• Legend o' th' Green Dragon
Welcome t' Legend o' th' Green Dragon, matey, a browser based role playin' game, matey, based on Seth Able's Legend o' th' Red Dragon.
Th' current time in Degolburg be 1:31 pm.
Next new game day in: 3h, 29m, 29s (real time)

Th' newest resident o' th' realm is: Page Irma Pince

Th' most recent hero o' th' realm is: Professor Lupin

Today's weather be expected t' be cool with blue skies.

Enter yer name an' password t' enter th' realm.
Username: Password:

This be a *BETA* game. Avast, Make sure t' read th' MOTD regularly!!!

Game server runnin' version: 1.0.6+classic+jt+ext
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Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Game Design and Code: Copyright © 2002-2005, Eric Stevens & JT Traub
Design: Jade Template © Josh Canning 2004 of HFS
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Version: 1.0.6+classic+jt+ext
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