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Unexpected downtime
Pontifex Moonchilde2019-07-24 11:37:40
My apologies for the unexpected downtime today. there was some sort of disk/filesystem issue with the VPS host that cause it to fail horribly. I was able to get ahold of the hosting company and get it fixed, but that is the cause of the downtime.

Possible downtime
Pontifex Moonchilde2019-03-02 18:16:37
I am currently updating the OS version which run this server. It is possible things will break as it will be upgrading a number of system tools and libraries.. If something breaks, know that I am working on fixing it and it will return as soon as possible, but I don't expect much to break, honestly.

Recent lag
Pontifex Moonchilde2014-10-12 20:52:34
Something occurred with the 'author' paypal donation button (which gets served from the main logd site).. I'm not sure what happened, but when you register a site with the global logd community (logdnet) it serves the author donation button from there.. I've disabled that registration for now, which means the author button (for eric) gets served locally and that seems to have fixed the problem for now.

Downtime earlier
Pontifex Moonchilde2014-09-15 17:10:59
My apologies for the random downtime today. My hosting service did a software upgrade and some of my site configuration managed to get slightly messed up and until I fixed it the site had some issues.. Everything should be back to good now.

Game remaining
Pontifex Moonchilde2014-09-05 11:25:31
I got extremely busy over the Labor Day weekend and the week that followed, so didn't have a chance to log in and say that due to feedback from people I have opted to leave the site running. I do reserve the right to re-evaluate it periodically, but as long as there are still people playing semi-regularly, and as long as the costs of hosting don't end up being an issue, then I'll leave the game up indefinitely.

I have adjusted the monthly costs bar to reflect the less expensive hosting plan I've moved to.

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