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Privacy Notice Table Of Contents:

Our Commitment To Privacy:
Yer privacy be important t' us. To better protect yer privacy we provide this notice explainin' our online infermation practices an' th' choices ye can make about th' way yer infermation be collected an' used. This privacy policy applies t' th' extent that th' U.S. PATRIOT act permits it to. Where this act provides fer disclosure o' infermation t' U.S. Avast, government officials, this policy does not apply. Although we disagree with many o' th' provisions set ferth in th' th' PATRIOT act on a fundamental level, we are also respectable law-abidin' citizens, an' so will comply with this act t' th' extent that th' act compels us.

Th' Infermation We Collect:
This notice applies t' all infermation collected or submitted on th' LotGD.net, logd.dragoncat.net, or directly affiliated websites. We only request a username, password, an' yer email address. On LotGD.net an' LoGD.DragonCat.net, matey, yer email address be required. Other directly affiliated sites might or might not require yer email address. Although a gender be required fer yer character(s), no expectation be made that this gender matches yer true gender, an' this infermation be not seen as bein' valid demographic infermation. This site will store a cookie on yer computer t' allow trackin' o' state durin' a session. This site also keeps logs o' IP addresses fer statistical purposes an' those IP addresses may be able t' be associated with a character an' thus an email address. Lastly, conversation in Ye Olde Mail an' th' various comment areas are kept an' stored within th' game database. Conversations takin' place within Ye Olde Mail are considered t' be private between th' sender an' th' recipient, no disclosure will be made by th' site staff t' any third party except as required by th' U.S. PATRIOT act. This data can exist fer an indefinite amount o' time due t' backups made o' th' database in order t' recover in th' face o' an emergency.
Directly affiliated websites include th' following:
Other websites (even those runnin' Legend o' th' Green Dragon code, or containin' infermation about Legend o' th' Green Dragon) are not covered by this privacy policy. Ye will have t' check with these sites t' see if they have a privacy policy. Keep in mind that Legend o' th' Green Dragon be an open source software product. Many distinct userz run th' same software, an' these sites can look very similar t' those sites which are covered by this privacy policy, but are not under our control.

How We Use Infermation:
We use email addresses t' answer th' email we receive, or t' facilitate fergotten password requests. Such addresses are not used fer any other purpose an' are not shared with outside parties except as required by th' U.S. PATRIOT act.
We use non-identifyin' an' aggregate infermation t' better design our website an' t' share with advertisers. For example, matey, we may tell an advertiser that X number o' individuals visited a certain area on our website, matey, or that Y number o' male an' Z number o' female characterz were created on our registration ferm, matey, but we would not disclose anythin' that could be used t' identify those individuals.
We use th' IP infermation t' help prevent against malicious attacks an' do not release it t' outside parties.
Cookie infermation as well as content o' Ye Olde Mail an' commentary areas are used t' provide th' interactive game experience. Commentary infermation be viewable by anyone who enterz th' comment area an' th' game administrators. Ye Olde Mail be viewable by th' intended recipient, an' under some rare instances by game administrators with specific privileges. Cookie infermation be stored fer a limited duration an' be associated with accounts fer administrative purposes.
Finally, except as required by th' U.S. PATRIOT act, we do not currently use an' will not use or share th' personally identifiable infermation provided t' us online in ways unrelated t' th' ones described above without also providin' ye an opportunity t' opt-out or otherwise prohibit such unrelated uses.

Our Commitment To Data Security:
To prevent unauthorized access, matey, maintain data accuracy, matey, an' ensure th' correct use o' infermation, matey, we have put in place appropriate physical, matey, electronic, matey, an' managerial procedures t' safeguard an' secure th' infermation we collect online.

Our Commitment To Children's Privacy:
Protectin' th' privacy o' th' very yeng be especially important. For that reason, none o' th' required infermation that we collect fer our accounts would be harmful t' children under th' age o' 13 if inadvertently disclosed, regardless o' whether th' user be actually over 13.
Comments entered in th' various chat areas may be harmful t' a child if th' child discloses such identifyin' infermation as a real name or address, but we will never request identifyin' infermation from anyone.

How To Access Or Correct Yer Infermation:
Ye can view all yer personally identifiable infermation that we collect online an' maintain by visitin' yer account preferences page (found in th' village square). We use this procedure t' better safeguard yer infermation.
Ye can correct factual errors in yer personally identifiable infermation by sendin' us a request that credibly shows error.
To protect yer privacy an' security, we will also take reasonable steps t' verify yer identity befere grantin' access or makin' corrections.

How To Contact Us:
Should ye have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, matey, please use th' 'Petition fer Help' link found on every main page throughout th' site.
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